How can I change my life completely in the next 30 days?

Answer by Jawwad Siddiqui:

I have been doing "~30 Day Self Experiments" for past 5 years.
When I started, I was a final year student too and had to figure out what to do in my life. Looking back, that was a blessing in disguise. Developing yourself before you know what your life is all about will give you "success habits" to succeed when you do find your life's purpose.
It wasn't easy. It was tough. I failed many times in many of the experiments but I was more afraid of not trying.
Slowly slowly I improved my health, diet, writing, productivity and much more (..and I am still working on them as I write this).
Along the way, I learned many lessons about life and personal-development…. I will keep them out of this post.
Here is a list of the experiments I have done and my learnings from them;
  1. No complaining about things in life for 30 Days
  2. Track Sleep and Optimize Accordingly
  3. Recording Dreams in a Dream Journal
  4. Keep a Daily Journal
  5. Live and Die by Your Calendar
  6. Turn off Cell Phone Notifications
  7. Five Minute Journal for Daily Dose of Mindfulness
  8. Eliminate Reading News and Info without Purpose
  9. No Pop or Sugary Drinks
  10. Practice Gratitude Daily
  11. Strength Training 3 Times a Week
  12. Cold Shower First Thing in the Morning
  13. Keep a Hero Journal for Reference
  14. Learn and Control Your Body Language
  15. Setting Outcome Related Goals
  16. Engage in Positive Self-Talk

How can I change my life completely in the next 30 days?


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